Horns, Pols & Footballs

16 10 2007

Any other time that guy would be the crazy one: running on the green lights with his sign on a stick: “HONK TO IMPEACH”. Today, in front of the Chicago Art Institutes’ lions, Bears fans look to him for guidance. He’s their cheerleader. The Bears just lost to the Vikings by a heartbreaking tick of time. Bereaved Bears have had just enough time to make it to the same cars that held their tailgate parties. They have dragged their big vehicles away from Soldier Field and at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Adams the man with the sign will deliver them from their sadness: HONK TO IMPEACH. They fall on their horns and stop moving.

The wail of all of their horns overwhelms time: HONK TO IMPEACH. There’s a torrent of honking cars now from South and North. They cannot stop, a great swell of sobbing horns fills this broad street. People walking make honking noises and in this moment the car people and the walking people are united: HONK TO IMPEACH.

Bears lost, Cubs lost, Sox…lost, all lost. So much losing and the people are tired: HONK TO IMPEACH. For this city on Sunday we agree to be loud in our loss. We are resolved, from now on we lose: we’re loud!

Losing sports + politics=Unbeatable. HONK IF YOU LOVE IT.




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