Local Power(s)…a regular diary

17 10 2007

plan “b” always wonders what cities are thinking about those far off capitols. Word finally got to us from France (Chicago Tribune, 10.17.07) that one of those land-locked French villages, Sannat, pop. 380, took French president Sarkozy’s official portrait off its nail down at Sannat City Hall. Something about they didn’t need an emperor. The 81-year old mayor mentioned that the “decision is irrevocable.”


Meanwhile Toronto’s mayor is leading a “one-cent” campaign to get more Toronto taxpayers’ money back from the national government for the place they actually live, Toronto. (NYT, 10.15.07). They are demanding a penny back on the 6% national goods and services tax (GST).

Ottawa has responded by suing the tax to the city campaign. The Royal Canadian Mint’s intellectual property office calls depiction of the penny and even naming it (the term “one-cent”) copyright infringement and claim the City of Toronto already owes the government $20,000 (Canadian $) for use of copyrighted designs.

Toronto says none of it makes cents. plan “b” will be following this developing City/State story.




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