High-rise tots

25 10 2007

Children who live in houses seem to be always seen by someone. The ones who are lucky enough to be growing up in apartment buildings have a private place to go, the building corridors. plan “b’s” tiny neighbors, we’ll call them M. and C. (not real initials) lately found themselves in an unsupervised moment. Their resident adult had fallen asleep. They made for their occasional clubhouse, the 12th floor hallway. When they had tired of running and screaming and running and looking for escaped high-rise cats, they found a new project that would make use of M.’s burgeoning new skills (printing and phonics).

M. and her little brother C. decided to write letters and deliver them under the closest doors. The note that came under plan “b’s” door was earnest, “…no came to the uther pepul…and we ran to u 2 door! You neid reed.”

plan “b” immediately confronted the correspondents: “Is this a party invitation?”
M. and C. thought that was so funny and slammed their door.




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