Flag Fetishists

30 10 2007

The downtown construction cranes have a characteristic Work’s Done/Miller Time ritual. plan “b” has never actually caught them in the act but the humans leave their mark on their cranes when they leave for the day or the week-end.

You can see its silhouette against the night sky: hanging up there at the end of a big hook floats something heavy, at least a cement mixer or a row boat. How do the equipment operators decide what will appear at the end of their sky hook? Are rowboats routine parts of construction sites? What would you hang from such a hook? Acme safes and grand pianos are classics but too obvious. How would you embellish the city skyline? This morning plan “b” is thinking a refrigerator full of champagne.

The humans mark the cranes with their totem, American flags, lest those on the ground think it was a different country up in those nether realms that would soon hold condos going for six or seven figures. An American flag well-placed to mark the spot that money will climb to nips any thoughts of class war in the bud. It’s one big happy fetishist family.




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