1. Writers’ Strike

7 11 2007

That rare flower, The Writers’ Strike has bloomed this week.
We may imagine that we can ignore it but we need their stories and when they tell usd the story about how they have stopped writing, we are uneasy and then we worry. The holidays are coming, how can we be merry if we run out of stories? Some are reassured by the stories that tell about favorite programs with six shows “in the can.” That’s something but barely gets us to Christmas. Would they strike through the holidays? How would they buy presents?

We really worry about the urgent programs, that means Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? We all “knew” they had writers but we still believed everything they said came out of their own heads. In lonely and exasperating times, in those two or three years when everyone was afraid to talk to everyone and we believed we were alone, Jon Stewart began to include us in his conversation. Some think the country started over again at those late night meetings. At least that’s one story. But now we talk to each other again and Stewart is an important part of having made it happen. We are grateful to him and to all of his writers over these years.

But it looks like we’re on our own for a while. If the Writers’ Strike lasts long enough we might start reading again and then, we might start writing. This could be some kind of enchantment. They’ll only write again if we start writing. If we write maybe we’ll appreciate their work and say “Pay them what they ask. Let them write their contract, after all, they’re Writers!”




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