what’s the plan?

plan “B” is what comes after plan “A.” plan “B” is what was there all along, we just couldn’t appreciate it while “A” looked good.

This is the place to come for a cool sip of other possibilities, of all the small changes that elude what’s currently sensible. plan “B” is about city living, close living, inconvenient living and all the things we do to keep loving it.

plan “B” will not walk barefoot in dirt (hookworm) and it will not raise goats and make expensive cheese. It will stay in the city and roam from city to city. It is the place for people in crowded trains, people who swelter together, people who know where and when they can stop moving and who not to look at. It is the place for new kinds of modern, made up as we go along, modern in our own ways, ways that work.


3 responses

18 05 2008
Simon Baddeley

I like plan b. I like ‘new kinds of modern’. I’m linking your weblog which I found via Athens Street Panthers when moaning about a Cypriot Police Chief fining people for jaywalking. Best wishes S

20 03 2010

Many months later, thanks for the kind words of encouragement to my blog plan b, Simon..

5 02 2011

So that’s plan b. I just figured out how to find it. in california we had plan a–when you do what you say you will. plan b–when you do what you say you will, but later than you planned. and plan c–when you don’t do anything you planned.

Your plan b interests me. keep writing!


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